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    Cleansing milk

    A source of purity for thousands of years, Swiss glacial water is blended with a trio of key active ingredients to maintain the integrity of your skin.

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    Tonic Lotion

    A true beauty awakener that blends gentian tonic, the softness of calendula and a wonderful water sensor.

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    Gentle exfoliant cleanser

    Level 3 efficiency: three time more exfoliating action, three times softer, three times more active ingredients

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    Day Cream

    Protecting is good, fighting is better, repairing is preferable. Your skin will not longer be able to go out without its cream.

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    Night Cream

    Sleep, it will take care of you! Softness and efficiency will be with you all night.

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    Anti-aging Serum

    A light touch for a maximum of efficiency, wrinkles better watch out…

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    Hydrating mask

    True mark of beauty, this mask regroups all of the necessary ingredients for…

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    Under Eye Cream

    The perfect partner for your gaze, it will become indispensable, thanks to the complex botany.

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    Hand Serum

    Puts an end to lizard-like skin and spots, and replace it with softness and light.

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    Body Lotion

    Hydrating, nourishing, regenerative, firming, restructuring, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial

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    Mystic oil

    Hydrating, restructuring, regenerative, repairing, softening, antiseptic, contains hydrating vitamin E

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